Vacation in Løkken

The past three weeks we've spend our vacation in Løkken located in the northern part of Denmark. Løkken is famous for his fishing ships which are pulled on the beach and the typical white cabins on the beach. The beaches of this part of Denmark are so large and firm, that cars are allowed on the beach.

The area is also known for the Rudjerg Knude lighthouse, built in 1899. Both shifting sands and coastal erosion are a serious problem in the area. The lighthouse ceased operating in 1968. By 2009, the small buildings were severely damaged by the pressure of the sand and were later removed. It is expected that the tower will fall into the sea by 2023. (source: Wikipedia)

During our stay we also visited Nordsøen Oceanarium and Aalborg Zoo. Nordsøen Oceanarium is a public aquarium and museum. Their main tank, which holds 4,500,000 liters, is the largest in Northern Europe. Aalborg Zoo is one of Denmark's biggest zoos. The zoo was opened in April 1935. Throughout the recent decades, Aalborg Zoo has put more emphasis on viability and conservation of nature. (source: Wikipedia)

We've also visited Børglum Abbey, an important Premonstratensian abbey of medieval Denmark. The remains of the abbey buildings now accommodate a museum showing the history of the site. The church continues to serve as the local parish church.